Merino Wool Traceability

Find out where the wool in your MerinoSnug garment has come from through our DNA QR code enabled swing tags.

MerinoSnug uses wool supplied by wool growers from Australian Wool Network. Just like us here at MerinoSnug these wool growers LOVE what they do and together we all believe that ‘every day in every way wool works best’. That’s why we think WOOL should be your ‘natural fibre of choice’ when choosing clothes to wear, furnishings for your home or anything else for that matter. Through our DNA QR code enabled swing tags you can meet the wool growers, see the sheep that grow the wool and the environment in which they grow it.


And there’s more to growing wool than you think. Each DNA swing tag tells a different story about the life of the wool grower, the environment or some other aspect of growing wool that you may never have thought of! There really is a whole library of stories to explore. So find the swing tag on your MerinoSnug garment, use a QR code reader from your smartphone, and see why our wool is so very special.

Meet the Merino Wool Growers